Speaking for the company “Papadimitriou Emm. S.A.” it is worth mentioning the trip in the U.S.A. made by the owner and founder of the company  Papadimitriou in 1982.During his visits in various bars, he noticed that the use of refreshments did not happen with the familiar way as in Greece (with bottle or can or even with the classic bulky Post-Mix), but with another system like a “gun” type dispenser which was placed in the bar and simplified the procedure of service. The stimulant was rather challenging for the innovator businessman, who since he properly evaluated it, he decided to apply it in× Greece and to change the standards. In this way, Emm. Papadimitriou S.A. became the first company that brought and applied in Greece the Post-Mix with the “gun” type dispenser and the Bag-In-Box package.

The company Papadimitriou SA was the first which brought and faciliate post-mix in Greece with “gun type’’ and also the Bag-in-box