A brief historical flashback

The Order of the knights of St. John appears to be established in the  early 12th century AD, in Jerusalem, by Pierre Gerard, as the Order of Nurses. At a later time, it is militarized  under Raymond du Puys, and ventures to succeed in its own expansion in the Middle East during which it does not manage to hold more than two centuries.

In 1247, after the fall of Jerusalem, the Knights of St John, start to lose one by one their fortresses, and in 1291 end up in Cyprus. From there the Great Magister Foulques de Villaret negotiates with the chieftain landowner  Vognolo de Vignoli, who essentially sells to him the island of Rodos. From then on, in 1309, the Order of the Knights, which consisted of 600 members, occupies Rodos. Since then, and until their withdrawal in 1522, they will be known as “The Knights of Rodos”

The Order of the Knights is governed by the Grand Magistrate, the “Magnus Magister” who was the permanent supreme ruler in the administration and the military. He ruled with his administrative council. During the 213 years of the residency in Rodos, 19 Grand Magistrates ruled the island.

Today, this significant title of Magnus Magister, remains alive through our beer, to remind us all of this grandeur part of our beautiful island’s history.