Damatria is the sole village that dates back to the Dorian era of the 11th century b.c. The excavations confirm that the village is inhabited continuously for more than three thousand years. Historians believe that this ancient habitat was named after the temple, located there, of the goddess Dimitra. In this area there are plenty of natural water springs enhancing the surrounding landscape. Our factory installations are located in the middle of this natural landscape.

These springs provide the natural, crystal clean water, which after the completion of the necessary health controls and processing, is used for the production of our products of Sparkling water, Soda water, Tonic water, and our soft drinks.

Our  Sparkling water offers  incomparable benefits because it does not contain calories, does not harm the body, on the contrary, it rejuvenates, and helps smooth indigestion. It offers pleasurable drinking in any time of the 24 hours of the day.